Decided Cases by the Supreme Court

BATASnatin incorporates social sharing with legal research. This site contains full texts of Philippine Jurisprudence that you can easily share with your colleagues, friends, family and comrades in the legal profession. For easy reference, the whole title of the cases as well as the G.R. Nos. and dates of promulgation are at the very bottom of the document. We have incorporated a search bar that goes through all the BATASnatin sites and therefore making your legal research convenient and comprehensive. Please feel free to tell anyone who does legal research about this site. BATASnatin was and will always be fueled by the intangible altruistic feeling brought about by sharing. Clicking the plus [+] signs beside the years expands the categories to show the months. Clicking on the months will reveal to you cases that were decided by the supreme court in that specific month.

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