CALVIN BORRE, complainant, vs. BENJAMIN MARAVILLA, respondent.1977 August 261st DivisionA.M. No. P-909



In a sworn letter-complaint filed with the Office of the Chief Justice on April 8, 1975, Calvin R. Borre of Davao City charged Benjamin Maravilla, then Deputy Sheriff in the Office of the Provincial Sheriff at Davao City with "serious insinuations to extort, intimidations in the performance of duty, dishonesty, oppression, abuse of authority and backsliding . . ."

The letter-complaint was referred to the respondent, Benjamin Maravilla, for Comment in a 1st Indorsement dated April 10, 1975.

On January 7, 1977, a first tracer was sent to "Mr. Benjamin Maravilla, Former Deputy Sheriff" through the Clerk of Court and Ex-Officio Sheriff of the Court of First Instance, Laoag City. The said first tracer was obviously sent to the wrong address, the respondent being formerly a deputy sheriff at Davao City. 
No comment from the respondent has been received.

It appears that on July 25, 1975, this Court in Administrative Matter No. P-1 entitled 'Cirilo Tinaha, complainant versus Benjamin Maravilla, respondent." dismissed the respondent from the service. The respondent in Administrative Matter No. P-1 is the same respondent Benjamin Maravilla in the instant administrative matter. In this administrative matter, no government money is involved. The complainant, Calvin R. Borre, prays that the respondent, Benjamin Maravilla, be removed from office. The object of this administrative complaint has been achieved in Administrative Matter No. P-1. Hence, no further action need be taken.

WHEREFORE, this administrative matter is hereby dismissed for having become moot and academic.

Teehankee (Chairman), Makasiar, Muñoz Palma, Martin and Guerrero, JJ., concur.


CALVIN BORRE, complainant, vs. BENJAMIN MARAVILLA, respondent., A.M. No. P-909, 1977 Aug 26, 1st  Division

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